12/2021 – Preparation of Climate Action Plan begins

We took an extended summer break and recovered from our successful but exhausting citizens’ petition. But now there are several news from us.

The planning office for the creation of the climate action plan has been selected

In addition to our main demand that the city set itself the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2035, we also specified in our citizens’ petition the first steps that must now be taken by the city. First of all, the Climate Action Plan (KAP) is to be drawn up by a planning office. This will identify all the measures that are necessary for the city to become climate neutral. The city council has now selected the planning office target GmbH through a tendering process. The preparation of the plan can now begin, for which approximately one year is planned.

Citizen participation can begin!

To ensure that the climate action plan not only lists technical solutions, but also includes socially just implementations, it is important that different people and their perspectives participate. For this purpose, the Round Table for Climate and Environment has prepared a supplement to the KAP, which will be given to the city via the Climate Protection Advisory Council and thus to the planning office. We hope that as many people as possible will already participate.

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If you want to participate even more in the KAP, you can also get involved directly at the Round Table for Climate and Environment (www.klimatischjena.de).

Climate neutrality is only possible together!

We will continue to work on making Jena climate neutral. We see it as our task to make sure that all people know about the climate action plan and get the opportunity to participate. That’s why we are now focusing on public relations and networking. If you want to be part of it, please contact us.

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