03/2022 – Citizen participation begins

By accepting the demands of the Jena Climate Decision in July 2021, the city of Jena has committed itself to becoming climate neutral by 2035 (more on this at rathaus.jena.de/en/jena-wird-klimaneutral-bis-2035). As residents of this city, we are thus facing up to our responsibility to comply with the international agreement on the 1.5°C target of the Paris Climate Agreement. In doing so, we are setting out on the path toward a climate-just world. Creating a more livable and environmentally friendly city offers great opportunities that will benefit us all, such as less air pollution and traffic noise, better and cheaper public transport, regional trade and thus more jobs, local independent and clean energy supply. Nevertheless, we will have to face some challenges. For this we need courage, confidence and socially just changes. It is important that we Jena residents walk this path together.

Creation of the Climate Action Plan

As a first step towards climate neutrality, the city of Jena has started to create a Climate Action Plan (KAP) with the help of a planning office. It should contain all measures to achieve climate neutrality in Jena by 2035. The plan is to be completed this summer. For the development of the climate action plan, there is a working group, which is staffed with representatives from the city administration, politics, civil society, business, energy supply and climate protection advisory council. Furthermore, there will be about ten thematic workshops with experts.

Involvement of citizens – your ideas are needed

The residents of Jena will also have the opportunity to participate. Everyone’s ideas should be included so that the plan can be improved through different perspectives. For this purpose, a participation platform will be made available starting in March. Interested people can contribute their ideas as well as propose and evaluate measures.

Online Idea Map


Take advantage of the opportunity to participate: send us your ideas and feedback directly on the online idea card by the end of June 2022 at the latest.

Next steps – Presentation and discussion on the Climate Action Plan

Once the plan has been completed, it is presented to the public and discussed. The ideas and suggestions submitted will be reviewed and incorporated where possible. In addition, the Lord Mayor will report annually on the status of the implementation of Jena’s climate goals.