Our Plan to Climate Neutrality

Together we are strong!

In cooperation with the organization GermanZero, we want to use the means of direct democracy (citizens petitions and decisions) to create the basis for implementing sufficiently committed climate protection at the level of Jena’s city politics and administration.

Stages to Climate Neutrality

Step 1: Citizens Petition [done ✔]

We are successful! The city council has decided our demands ahead of time. 🎉

  1. Preparation of the voting question
  2. Submitting a voting question to the City for legal review, adjusting if necessary.
  3. Start of the citizens petition: Approx. 6000 valid signatures must be collected within four months.
  4. Verification of signatures for validity by the city
  5. Acceptance and resolution of the demands by the City Council (or a modified version with preservation of the basic concern in consultation with the persons of trust of the petition)
  6. Citizens vote
    If the simple majority votes in favor, the decision is adopted with the binding force of a city council resolution

Step 2: Contribute and Create a Climate Action Plan [in progress]

The climate office target GmbH will prepare a Climate Action Plan (KAP) within a year (expected by the end of 2022) by “including a climate neutrality scenario with the necessary measures, the implementation of which will lead Jena to climate neutrality by 2035.”

Citizen participation for socially just measures

For socially just climate protection measures, civil society groups and citizens* have been called upon since the summer to participate in the creation of the Climate Action Plan. The resulting input will be handed over to the Advisory Council for Climate Protection and Sustainable Development. This “participates in the process of developing and implementing the measures of the climate action plan and accompanies it.” See also: call for proposals for climate action plan/citizen* participation begins

Afterwards, “the Climate Action Plan will be presented and deliberated in a freely accessible format of informal citizen participation immediately after its completion. […] Invitations to informal citizen participation will be issued publicly through various communication channels.”

Step 3: Implement the Climate Action Plan

Once the climate action plan has been drawn up, “the measures necessary to achieve the said goal [climate neutrality by 2035] shall be determined on this basis without delay and submitted to the City Council for decision.”

“The Mayor will report annually, both to the City Council and in an informal citizen participation format for information dissemination, on the status of implementation of the goal.”

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