Our Goal

Climate neutrality in Jena.
This means: no contribution to the man-made climate crisis from 2035 at the latest.

Jena is currently more than 500,000 tons of CO₂ emissions per year (as of 2018) and other previously unrecorded greenhouse gases away from this.Bringing this to net zero (meaning all remaining emissions must be offset) will be a major task. Therefore, with the Climate Decision, we are primarily calling for the professional creation of a Climate Action Plan that specifically identifies the necessary steps.

What will a climate-friendly city of Jena look like in the future?

In fact, it can be assumed that a climate-neutral city would look different in many places than the Jena we know: Bicycle lanes instead of car exhaust. Hot water is simply produced by the sun shining on our roofs. And there’s a biological CO₂ absorber (also called a tree) on every corner. Doesn’t sound so bad? After all, it’s often not the solution that we lack, but the courage to implement it.

In a climate-neutral city, there would be many more shared means of transport on the road, but they would also be able to take people to all peripheral locations at any time. We would be able to exchange and repair more, and would have to throw away less. We would have more space on the streets – where cars used to block the public space, our children could play without danger and in clean air.

And along the way, we would save the world – or at least do what is our responsibility not to exacerbate the impending crisis. And we would probably be better off than we are today. And perhaps, when the time comes, we would ask ourselves above all: Why didn’t we start doing this much earlier?

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