We want Jena climate neutral until 2035!

Climate justice means getting started, here and now.
We want Jena climate neutral until 2035!

In a number of German cities, initiatives are currently taking the climate issue into their own hands and organizing climate decisions. This is also the case in Jena. Our demand: a climate action plan that shows specifically which measures are necessary so that our city no longer contributes to the worsening of the climate crisis from 2035 – becomes climate neutral.

To do this, we need more than 6,000 signatures in the first step, so that a citizens petition comes into being. Then the city council can approve it directly – or let the people of Jena vote in a citizens referendum. If the majority is in favor, this has liability of a city council resolution!

The Klimaentscheid Jena is supported by GermanZero. And we are confident anyway, because after all there is all of you: together we can do it!

Our Goal

Climate neutrality in Jena from 2035 – for compliance with the Paris Climate Agreement and as a prerequisite for a future worth living. Here and everywhere..

Our Plan

…is direct democracy: We want to adjust Jena’s climate targets with a citizens petition. This requires a lot of signatures.

Our Team

…are just normal people with visions. Many organizations, initiatives and associations support us.

Are you already collecting? Can I help?

Stay up to date with our newsletter or contact us at mitmachen@klimaentscheid-jena.de.

Climate = Crisis.

It is […] not a matter of environmental protection; what is at stake is the continuation of human civilization.

Stefan Rahmstorf, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Climate = Justice?

If we also take into account the historical emissions that we have caused since industrialization – they are the price with which we have bought our progress – the special responsibility that we have derives.

Climate = Plan!

In Paris in 2015, the global community decided, for good reasons, to limit global warming to well below 2 °C – preferably 1.5 °C – above pre-industrial levels.

Yes, I want
…to stand up for a climate-neutral Jena!

Join us and become a climate protector for Jena! We welcome support from all citizens and of course from initiatives, companies, associations or cultural institutions:

For climate protectors
Every vote counts

  • Spread the good news about the climate decision among friends, relatives, in all your digital & analog networks.

For initiatives and companies
Help us

  • Help us with ideas, know-how, advice, deeds and through joint actions
  • Spread our messages on your channels

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