05/2021 – Submission of the signature sheet

Submission of the signature sheet

Whoo-hoo! Two weeks ago we submitted the signature form to the city and started our citizens’ petition. The city will now check our petitions legally, so we might have to make changes again. But then we can finally start collecting signatures.

Be part of the Klimaentscheid promo video!

We recently shot a cool promo video to make the Climate Decision even better known. To show that even more people are behind the Klimaentscheid, you are welcome to record a video of you euphorically saying “Der Klimaentscheid Jena” and send it to presse@klimantscheid-jena.de. You will then be part of a split screen with all the people behind the Klimaentscheid. This doesn’t have to be complicated at all and can simply be filmed with your mobile phone camera. Look forward to the video… Spoiler alert: It’s super funny!

We have flyers!

We now have flyers that can be distributed everywhere in Jena. If you would like to distribute or display flyers, please write an email to presse@klimaentscheid-jena.de!

Be part of the Klimaentscheid!

The Klimaentscheid Jena is getting bigger and bigger! There were over 20 people at the last introductory event! So many interested people, we are very happy about the great interest and look forward to the coming months with you!