Our Demands

With my signature, I support the citizens petition on the following question in accordance with the ThürEBBG:

Are you in favor of the city of Jena

  1. sets itself the goal of achieving climate neutrality in Jena by the year 2035;

  2. immediately commission a planning office to prepare a Climate Action Plan (CAP) within one year to achieve this goal;

  3. immediately presents and discusses this plan in a freely accessible format of informal citizen participation, to which public invitations are issued via various communication channels, in order to immediately determine the measures required to achieve the goal of climate neutrality in 2035 on this basis and submit them to the city council for resolution;

  4. commit to reporting annually on the status of implementation both before the City Council and in an informal citizen participation format for information dissemination;

  5. includes in the bylaws of the Climate Protection Advisory Council that it participates in and constructively accompanies the process of implementing the measures under the CAP?


We have a responsibility to leave an intact basis for life for future generations. In 2015, Germany committed in the Paris Climate Agreement to make efforts “to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels.” Achieving this goal will require immediate, drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and net-zero emissions by the mid-2030s.

The City of Jena’s monitoring reports show that its efforts to date have not been sufficient to make the necessary contribution to meeting the Paris climate targets. The CAP is needed to achieve the “climate neutrality 2035” target, which was set for the first time, on the basis of necessary measures. The climate protection concept (2015) and the sustainability strategy (2021) can provide foundations for this.

In addition to a current scenario without climate policy measures (trend scenario), the CAP must also include a climate neutrality scenario with the necessary measures, the implementation of which will lead Jena to climate neutrality by 2035. Climate neutrality means that actions and processes do not cause greenhouse gases or that these are fully compensated. The CAP must estimate the annual costs and personnel requirements for planning and implementing the necessary measures across all sectors. To the extent that it falls within the city’s purview, these measures must be implemented or appropriate incentives must be provided and educational campaigns must be conducted. The maximum feasible reduction of all greenhouse gas emissions caused by the city, its population and facilities is required.

The compensation of any unreduced emissions of the city of Jena must take place from 2035 through regional to national measures if possible, but in no case at the expense of people of the Global South.

In accordance with the citizen participation statutes and their guidelines, residents are to be involved in a consultative capacity at an early stage in order to increase comprehensibility and identification with the measures to be adopted. The social effects of the CAP are also taken into account here. The annual, publicly announced reporting as well as the work of the climate protection advisory board guarantee control and public attention in the implementation of the measures.

The costs for the preparation of the CAP and the citizen participation are estimated at 100,000 €. This is to be covered by the budget for citizen participation / climate protection coordination.

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