Wie Unterschreiben

We are successfull – the collection of signatures has finished

Both citizens’ referendums were adopted by the City of Jena as a city council resolution. The collection of signatures has therefore ended.

Radentscheid Jena

The City Council resolution for better cycling conditions was adopted in October 2021.

Klimaentscheid Jena

Jena becomes climate neutral by 2035! ???? The city council has adopted the demands in July 2021.

Drop off the signed signature sheet at one of our collection points.
You don’t have a printer? You can also sign directly at the collection point.

Signing instructions

Requirement for valid signatures

  • Minimum age 16 years, main residence in Jena for at least 3 months, EU-citizen
  • do not use abbreviations
  • do not use quotation marks
  • no footnotes
  • sign in accordance with the document – i.e. not with a pencil
  • if a mistake occurs, cross out and rewrite, do not use TippEx
  • sign only on the lines provided
  • only handwritten entries (no scans)

Note on collecting signatures

Before collecting signatures, please read our leaflet for active collectors.